Solid Wood Desks

While a desk made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) may cost significantly less than solid wood desks, they are just no match for the authenticity and durability of solid wood. Real wood and its natural beauty make those desks the ideal type for heirloom furniture.In the office setting, the man who works behind a solid wood desk is usually Boss. And why not? These are about the most expensive pieces of office furniture. While veneers and laminates on top of MDF’s may be cheaper and easier to maintain, solid wood desks are arguably the sturdiest and may in fact be cost effective in the end.There are different factors to consider in your choice for a solid wood desk. When it comes to aesthetics, you should match the natural color of the type of wood used to the color of surrounding furniture. You must also consider the natural properties of the type of wood you will be using: making sure, they do not hinder the intended function.Solid Oak, for example, is known to be very sturdy to hold up to the weight of office equipment, be it ornate and heavy desk lamps, or your computer and printers or a set of reference books. This type of wood will fit the needs of someone who uses his solid wood table as a writing desk and doubles it as a trusty workspace.Maple wood on the other hand is not as sturdy. What it lacks in durability it compensates in affordability and the ease of maintenance it requires. Its natural color is on the lighter side, so you may want to consider using this in a setting with a more relaxed feel rather than the dark and traditional theme usually associated with executive offices.Pine is a soft wood, and if a desk was made of pine, every ding and dent, and every pen-stroke across a paper on the desk will leave a permanent impression, and the desk, though more inexpensive, will lose its value quickly.However, if you are CEO then heck, go for the big gun. Cherry Wood. They are the most beautiful and expensive there is. Even if you only be place two gold pens, a leather writing pad, and a box of cigars, the beauty of cherry shouts that you are The Boss!

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